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Copper Coil used in a canting detail

Copper Ridge Systems


Made in the UK  

Copper Ridge Systems Works in Partnership
Natural slate used in roof construction has excellent durability and with the shades and grain, the elegance of natural slate is unmatched.

As our atmosphere becomes cleaner with the reduction of fossil duels, (which release sulphur), algae on the roof is a growing problem. Unfortunately over time, the build up of moss and algae creates a dull finish masking the natural elegance of the natural shades and grains.


Complete Copper Ridge System

Copper Ridge can be formed in any angle or size to suit your requirements and is compatible in cost to standard clay ridge tiles, But with all the benefits of Copper.

As the aging process takes place copper sulphate is released down the roof slopes restricting the growth of moss and algae. The Copper ridge systems requires no special tools or prior knowledge to install and with an easy to fit block end system.


Qualities of Copper

The success of any Copper moss prevention system is reliant on the quality of copper used.

Copper Ridge-SPR only uses pure copper in all our product range, ensuring maximum Copper Sulphur is produced. If you are purchasing any of our products through a merchant, ask is it genuine Copper Ridge from SPR

Copper Ridge Systems Are the market leaders in the manufacture of high grade copper roof flashings, designed to combat the growth of moss and algae, servicing the commercial and domestic roofing sector. The company was formed by Stuart Penrose, one of Northern Irelands leading Roofing specialists .Copper Ridge is still manufactured by SPR and shipped directly to clients UK wide.  .

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