Copper Bar Whites Tavern (Belfast)

Supplied and fitted by Copper Systems

Copper Systems takes aim at COVID-19 with Anti-virus- Bar

Carrickfergus based company Copper Systems has designed and installed the copper bar for the opening of Whites Tavern (Belfast) ,one of Ireland's oldest pubs. The company has been manufacturing Copper products for the roofing industry for over 15 years using high grade copper “Our initial concept was to offer the end user an alternative to lead based products, while harvesting rainwater” The Copper Concept also had the added bonus of keeping moss and algae at bay and is now sold extensively throughout the Uk and Ireland” said Mr Stuart Penrose who set up the company in 2005.

“When early studies were carried out in March this year, on how long Covid-19 could survive on a range of surfaces, high grade Copper was found to quickly attack the virus therefore reducing the transmission”. We switched our manufacturing of roofing products during lockdown and started a range of surface contact products, push plates for doors etc.” The interest in our product range has been growing rapidly” Stuart Penrose



roof moss prevention copper ridge tiles  

Copper Ridge Systems

Copper Ridge Clean Moss from Roof
77 Bridgend Rd Carrickfergus, Co Antrim BT389LA GB
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Copper Push plates

Solid copper plate for schools, hospitals and the workplace.

Made from solid copper complete with 2 solid copper fixing screws for easy install over existing plates, a camber has been formed so removal of existing plate is not required    .

New from the market leaders in copper-based products to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Recent studies have shown the virus can only live on copper for a noticeably short period of time  

 CORONAVIRUS can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces so cleaning regimes in homes, workplaces and hospitals have massively increased.

But now experts say that copper can actually kill germs itself - limiting the need for antibacterial wipes or sprays.
Copper Ridge systems are now bringing to the marketplace push plates in a range of sizes.

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