Fr £3.95 per Lm ex vat 40mm

100mm wide Demo

Copper Ridge Clean Moss from Roof
77 Bridgend Rd Carrickfergus, Co Antrim BT389LA GB
Phone: 02893373010 Website:

£POA per unit ex vat

Copper is an effective roof moss killer,cleaning your roof from moss with every rainfall.

roof moss prevention copper ridge tiles  

Current Price per unit £POA ex vat

Copper Ridge Systems



Copper Ridge can be formed in any angle or size to suit your requirements and is compatible in cost to standard clay ridge tiles, But with all the benefits of Copper.

As the aging process takes place copper sulphate is released down the roof slopes restricting the growth of moss and algae. The Copper ridge systems requires no special tools or prior knowledge to install. 

​This site is designed for ease of ordering to the DIY and domestic market.

Architects and project mangers that require larger projects please contact our office direct.  

There are three main copper profiles that cover most of our domestic customers..

​           Plain Angle  

​Each copper unit is 450mm long (1per ridge) 200mm wide (before folding) calculate how many units required

Half Round 

​                                                                                                                                      Under Ridge With water fold

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